TITLE 13 - Membership

Membership of the Society is open to all who have the Society’s objectives at heart and who pay the annual subscription.

Inevitably however, for reasons of proximity to the Society’s activities, the membership is drawn mainly from the Counties of Down and Antrim and the City of Belfast. To accommodate those who are interested in and supportive of the Society’s aims but who are too remote for regular participation, a category of ‘Friends of the Percy French Society’ is available at a lesser subscription.

The Society publishes a ‘Newsletter for Members and Friends’ four times a year. ‘The Newsletter’ is edited by

Ronnie Maxwell,
3 Meadow Way,
Co. Down
BT19 1JJ

The newsletter constitutes the main means of communication with the Friends of the Society. Interestingly the newsletter is called ‘The Jarvey’ which was the name of the comic weekly magazine of which French was the editor during the years 1888-1890.

Applications to become a Member or Friend of the Society should be forwarded to the membership secretary,

Mrs. Catherine Wright, Belvedere, 24 King’s Road, Knock, Belfast BT5 6JJ, Northern Ireland.

The appropriate annual subscriptions (1st October – 30th September) are

£20.00 per Member or £30.00 per family membership and £9 (min.) for Friends of the Society subscription.

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