Ref No. Category Title Description
F21/01 Magazine The Trombone of Truth 1874? Christmas Number of the Trombone of Truth, c.1874  Includes:
Flyers of the Hunt
The Baron and the Waits  
A run with the Muckle Laird's Blooming Beagles
The Galway Edition of Cock Robin
Elfin Warblings (inc. sketch of French & Godley)  In AT
A Christmas Carol
The Traveller's Hymn
Our Concert at Clones
Golly Golly
The Poem
An Epigram
The place where the ould ass died
In Memoriam
Ode to AD Godley Esq.
Incident in the life of a musician who will be celebrated whenever he becomes famous
Romance and Reality
(Altogether 22 sleeves)
F21/02 Photograph Tennis Party Photograph of Tennis Party, Cavan (see F01/14).  In AT.
F21/03 Drawing French Editing The Jarvey Original pen drawing by Ethel French of French editing The Jarvey, artwork used in The Jarvey, (see x13/38).  In AT.
F21/04 Sketches The Knight of the Road Lady's Pictorial, sketches of characters in The Knight of the Road, 9th May 1891, (see F03/04), French as Freeny.  In AT.  Stored in Box 25.
F21/05 Photograph Dr Collisson Lady's Pictorial, photograph of Collisson and account of The Knight of the Road, 9th May 1891. "Éas a musical work The Knight of the Road is not ambitious or great.  Comedy opera does not need to be so.  It is what it assumes to be - amusing, interesting and bright...".   Stored in Box 25.
F21/06 Seating Plan and sketches Annual Dinner, Incorporated Society of Authors Seating plan for dinner, 31st May 1892, Incorporated Society of Authors. Sketches by French of Walter Besant, Corney Grain, Frank Stockton, Prof Nettleship, George du Maurier, Prof Michael Foster, Dr Todhunter, Jerome K Jerome, Oscar Wilde, Andrew Lang. Stored in cardboard cover in Box 25, and a copy with BO'N. 
F21/07 Photograph Garden Party, Castlewellan? A group photograph at a garden party, Castlewellan? French is in the second row, Lennie is in the third row. Could the lady in the centre front row be the Countess of Annesley, French's first wife's sister?  And could that be her mother in front of French?
x21/08 Press Reports French v West Clare Railway Photocopies of Clare Journal, 18th January and 8th March 1897, giving accounts of the two court cases, French v West Clare Railway. Originals in National Library of Ireland.  From AT.  In AT.  Stored in cardboard cover on shelf in PF Socy Room.
F21/09 Press Report Smoke Pictures Photocopies of article from Tatler, 17th July 1901. "How I Make Smoke Pictures."
F21/10 Menu Savage Club Dinner The menu from the 1902 Savage Club Ladies' Night Dinner.  French is one of twenty-three entertainers.
F21/11 Article Chuckles in Chalk Good account of French's entertainment.
F21/11A Article Chuckles in Chalk Continuation of above.  In AT.
F21/11B Article Chuckles in Chalk Continuation of above. 
F21/11C Article Chuckles in Chalk Photocopy of complete page, two copies.
F21/12 Photograph French Photograph of French posed in profile, in front of a painting, by Ernest Mills, see F02/05.
F21/13 Photograph French Photograph of French standing outside 48 Springfield Road, (1905/10). In AT.
F21/14 Photograph Richard Orpen Photograph of Richard Orpen, from a painting, by William Orpen?
F21/15 Poster Six Grand Matinees 1910 A poster advertising Six Grand Matinees, Steinway Hall, April and May 1910. See F03/68 and F03/69. On reverse a spoof interview with French.
F21/16 Photograph American Tour 1910 A photograph of a poster for the American Tour 1910, see F14/37. "Two hours of hearty laughter with never a dull moment."
F21/17 Photograph French A photograph of French, posed in photographer's studio.  See also 2/16 & 2/16A.
F21/18 Press Report French's Annuity Irish Life, 1st October 1915. A news piece about French, and photo of French and Duncan. "Between the ActsÉnow Ireland is glad to hear that the man who has been for many years the fountain-head of so much wholesome fun has not been forgotten amid this time of stress, for the Government have granted him an annuity...few men have given their services more freely in the cause of charity than he..."
F21/19 Pencil Drawing French A pencil drawing of French "Frere Lugubrius" by Hubert Leslie.
F21/20 Press Report Verses, photos, paintings The Lady of the House magazine 14th February 1920, including verses by French, also photographs, and reproductions of paintings in black and white.
F21/21 Family Tree French Family tree, compiled by Sir Alfred Irwin, 1912, two copies.  One framed and  in PF Society Room, reference Paintings List No. 70, other, ref.F21/21 in cardboard cover on shelf.
F21/22 Poems Book of Poems Volume I, compiled by Lucy Johnston, stored in Box 23.
F21/23 Poems Book of Poems Volume II, stored in Box 23.
x21/24 Tin Lid Artefact A round biscuit tin lid with illustrations of French's poems, The Mountains of Mourne, The West Clare Railway, Phil the Fluter's Ball, Eileen Oge, Slattery's Mounted Fut, donated by Ms Lynne Edwards, Suffolk (neighbour of Ettie and Joan French). Stored in Box 25.
x21/25 Cup Commemorative Item Two handled black and white bone china cup with silhouette of French, commissioned by The Percy French Society to commemorate the 150th anniversary of his birth.  Manufactured by Hanbridge Fine Ceramics, Stoke-on-Trent, Cup no.150 from a limited edition of 200.  Stored on Shelf.
x21/26 Plate Commemorative Item Fine bone china plate featuring the painting "Evening in Achill" by French. Commissioned by The Percy French Society to commemorate the 150th anniversary of his birth.  Manufactured by Hanbridge Fine Ceramics, Stoke-on-Trent.  Plate No. 150 from a limited edition of 200. Stored on Shelf.
x21/27 Book World of Percy French Autographed copy of The World of Percy French by Brendan O'Dowda, signed inside by Brendan O'Dowda, and authenticated by BO'N. Donated by T.Oscar Rollins, founder and president of The Percy French Society. Stored on Shelf.
x21/28 Book Lead Kindly Light Hardback copy, with dust cover, of Lead Kindly Light, 35 years of Percy French at the Oriel Gallery, a Millennium Retrospective. Written by Oliver Nulty, proprietor of The Oriel Gallery.  Stored on Shelf.
x21/29 Banjo Musical Intrument Five string banjo and case, c.1880. Impressed on back strut "W. TEMLETT MAKER LONDON AJAX 3676". Presented by Ms Lynne Edwards of Suffolk, a present to her from Ettie and Joan French, her neighbours in Suffolk. Stored on Shelf.
x21/29A Letters Re Banjo Correspondence supporting provenance and detailing the purchase of the above banjo, a gift to Ms Lynne Edwards of Suffolk from Ettie and Joan French, and purchased by The Percy French Society from Ms Edwards. 
x21/30 Claret Jug French Tennis Trophy An Art Nouveau glass and silver plate decanter/claret jug. A tennis trophy won by W.French (probably when at Trinity College Dublin).  Engraved ULTC 2nd Prize Double.   Provenance as x21.29 banjo above.  Stored on Shelf.
x21/30A The Jarvey Report of Banjo etc. The Jarvey Newsletter No.86, 2006, with news of the banjo and claret jug.
x21/31 Book Percy French - Chronicles and Poems Rare book, published 1922 and edited by Mrs de Burgh Daly, sister of Percy French. Stored on Shelf.
x21/32 Book How to Make Sand,
Smoke & Rag Pictures Hardback book, compiled and edited by Will Goldston.  Stored on Shelf.
x21/33 Book The Stage Artist Hardback book, by Karlyn (JF Burrows) content similar to x21/32. Stored on Shelf.
x21/34 Clock Gift Souvenir clock presented by Co Roscommon PF Society, in shape of County Roscommon, with coat of arms.   Stored on Shelf.
x21/35 Album PF Memorabilia Album of PF memorabilia with cuttings, programmes and photographs of the Baldoyle door and the French family circle.   Stored on Shelf