Ref No. Category Title Description
F14/01 Letter From Harrison Hill to French and Collisson From Savage Club, 28.09.1910, a letter in the form or a four verse song, with words and music.  "Here's a health of French & Collisson ╔.. Adieu!"  
F14/02 Cartoon C Hassall  'For we're off to Philengagements in the morning.' See Paintings List No. 91.
F14/03 Cartoon HJ Leslie  'A peep into the future.'
F14/03A Cartoon HJ Leslie Ditto, another version, with variations.  Original pen drawings.
F14/04 Press Cutting re: sea voyage An account of the sea voyage to America, sketch of French and other passengers "╔exceedingly popular passengers╔"  Printed in AT.
F14/05 Letter French to Joan On Royal Mail Steam Packet Company notepaper. "I am sailing into the Bay of Carthagena and on the high hill near the top is a convent╔"
F14/06 Letter French to Ettie From T'ranto [sic], typed (or is this a transcript made for Chronicles?) "╔if I get a day to spare I will paint a maple turning ╔."
F14/07 Letter/sketch French to Ettie In verse to Ettie on her birthday, on Hotel Westminster, Boston, notepaper.  "I've wandered round Toronto╔"  Plus sketch of French looking in window of 'jooler'.
F14/07A Letter/sketch French to Ettie Ditto, photocopy.
F14/08 Review The Montreal Star Review of the Windsor Hall show.  "Two gifted entertainers whose medium is unusual and who art is all-compelling".
F14/09 Review Toronto Gazette Review of Massey Hall show.
F14/10 Review Toronto Star Review of Massey Hall show.
F14/11 Review The Mail and Empire Review of Massey Hall show.
F14/12 Review Toronto Telegram Review of Massey Hall show.
F14/13 Review Montreal press Review of Windsor Hall show.
F14/14 Review Guelp Mercury Review of Griffin's Royal show.
F14/15 Leaflet re: American Tour Leaflet advertising the American Tour containing reviews from Canada and New York. Includes photographs of French and Collisson.
F14/15A Leaflet re: American Tour Ditto, another copy.
F14/16 Advert re: Mendelssohn Hall Show Advert for Mendelssohn Hall show, New York, 4th November 1910.
F14/17 Review British Whig Review of show in Kingston, Ontario.
F14/18 Review Review of Jordan Hall show.
F14/19 Review Knickerbocker Press, Albany Review.
F14/20 Review Albany Argos Review, with limerick.
F14/20A Review Albany Argos Ditto, another original copy.
F14/21 Review re: Mendelssohn Hall Show New York review of Mendelssohn Hall show.
F14/22 Interview Boston press Boston press interview with French and Collisson. Printed in AT.
F14/23 Poem Off to the West Indies Pen manuscript, French's hand.
F14/24 Letter French to his family Letter from the Imperial Hotel, Bermuda.
F14/25 Letter/sketch French to Joan A tale about Bermuda, with sketches.
F14/25A Letter/sketch French to Joan Ditto, page two.
F14/25B Letter/sketch French to Joan Ditto, page three, with sketch.
F14/26 Letter French to Mollie A description of Jamaica, to Mollie on her birthday, from SS Tagus.
F14/26A Letter French to Mollie Ditto, second page.
F14/26B Letter French to Mollie Ditto, third page.
F14/27 Letter French to his children From Port of Spain, with description of the boat, and being quarantined.
F14/27A Letter French to his children Ditto, second page.
F14/28 Letter French to Ettie From Panama Canal, with description of building the canal.
F14/28A Letter French to Ettie Ditto, second page.
F14/28B Letter French to Ettie Ditto, third page, with sketch.
F14/28C Letter French to Ettie Ditto, fourth page, although page is numbered '3'.
F14/29 Letter French to Lennie Page three of F14/24 above, from Bermuda.
F14/29A Letter French to Lennie Ditto, continuation of  F14/24 above. With Postcard from Courtney advising this fact.
F14/30 Letter French to Lennie Letter to Lennie, headed in pencil "Colon".
F14/30A Letter French to Lennie Ditto, second page.
F14/30B Letter  French to Lennie Ditto, third page.
F14/31 Letter French to Lennie Part of a letter from New York, c.Christmas 1910, on notepaper advertising the show, with photographs.
F14/32 Letter French to his family From Jamaica, with details of the trip home.
F14/32A Letter French to his family Ditto, second page.
F14/33 Letter French to his family From Bermuda.
F14/34 Verse/sketch French to Joan See F14/05, on Royal Mail Steam Packet notepaper, verses and drawings "Pirates invading Carthagena". "The wind is blowing off the shore╔.Signed Baggybill the Pelican".
F14/35 Verse/sketch French  From Port O'Spain, verse and drawing "I'm not a jelly fish╔.I seldom 'see an enemy'."
F14/36 Drawings Tropical fish A page of small watercolour drawings of tropical fish.
F14/37 Poster Re: American Tour A large poster for the American trip, French's half.
F14/37A Poster Re: American Tour Ditto, Collisson's half.
NB: The crossings out on the letters are the editing of the letters for Chronicles of Percy French.