Ref No. Category Title Description
x12/01 Press cutting Illustrated London News Photocopy of article, dated Sept 8, 1883, about the eruption of Krakatoa on 26 August 1883.
F12/02 Magazine Trombone of Truth Summer number of cyclostyled magazine by French and colleagues, including Inspector of Drains, The Tenant and the Engineer, Loans to Tenants (by EST), Alone (after Sw-nb-rne), Excelsior, and sketches.  Comprising fragments from two copies of the magazine.
x12/03 Press cutting Cavan Weekly News Photocopy of article, Friday 15th February 1884, describing a performance of The Kinnypottle Komics, "Éa complete successÉ".
x12/04 Press cutting Cavan Weekly News Photocopies of cuttings, including Spokes from the Wheel (The Jarvey), reviews of concerts and The Simple Sweep (see F01/11 etc.), and tennis tournaments. Also a covering letter from Pat Nally.  From AT.
x12/05 Press cutting Cavan Weekly News Photocopy, 4th July 1890, of account of marriage, Percy French and Ethel Armytage Moore.  Printed in AT.
F12/06 Dismissal Note Note dated 28th July 1888.
x12/07 Research Notes The Golden Years Photocopies of research notes for Donal Giltinan's THE GOLDEN YEARS, centred on Cavan.  From BO'D.  See also Box 18.
F12/08 Press cutting Sunday Independent Article dated 31st March, 1968, with memories of Cavan in French's time, including photograph of French at Cork signpost.
x12/09 Photographs 16 Farnham Street Three photographs of exterior, 16 Farnham Street, Cavan, one with a short historical note, one other close-up of exterior, and a third with Alan Tongue standing beside commemorative Percy French plaque.  From AT.