Ref No. Category Title Description
F11/01 Press Cutting Morning Post 31st October 1903, Review of French exhibition at Modern Gallery, London. "He is mindful of the influence of weather..tenderness of early morning..meets with its daintiest expression in 'Evening after rain'…"
F11/02 Press Cutting Irish Times Reprint of cutting from Manchester Courier, November 1903. "Mr Percy French is better known as a delightfully droll raconteur than as an artist…His style is impressionist, and his broad effects of sea and sky, and of mountain ranges are not only extremely pleasing, but good art..."
F11/03 Pensketch The divil a thrain A photo of the original pensketch in F10/21.
F11/04 Press Cutting The Tatler Article on smoke pictures, a good description of how French does them.
F11/04A Press Cutting The Tatler Ditto, photocopy.
x11/05 Photo Rhyme & Wriggle Photo of Rhyme & Wriggle, There was an old man of Kilcoole.  In AT.  Original platform picture came from Oriel Gallery, presented to Percy Frency Society by Alan Tongue.
F11/06 Advertising Card French & Collisson Page from card advertising French & Collisson, photo of French, sketches of easel, brushes and palette.
F11/07 Catalogue New Dudley Galleries Exhibition Catalogue for exhibition, December 1909. "The Pageant of the Sky" by Percy French.
x11/08 Transparencies Book of Animal Pictures Transparencies from book of animal pictures, Printed in AT.  From AT.
F11/09 Book Animal Pictures & Verses A book of animal pictures and verses, French's typewriter.
x11/09A Transcription Animal Pictures & Verses Transcription of text from above. From AT.
F11/10 Pen Sketches Swiss Tour Pen sketches on notepaper from Baur au Lac, Zurich, Switzerland, French's hand. "How to start..How they finish." (See Watercolour No. 57 in collection, printed in AT)  "A good subject for Leslie?"
F11/11 Press Cutting Adventure in Donegal A press cutting 'Mr Percy French's Adventure'. An account of being mistaken in Co Donegal for a German spy.
F11/12 Press Cutting Irish Times Review of exhibition in United Arts Club, Dublin, 12th April 1915.  "…beauteous little pictures…works of much talent which deserve our warmest praise…"
F11/13 Book Cover Belinda's Book of Pomes A watercolour cover for Belinda's Book of Pomes, signed WPF, with photograph of a lady sitting in a garden.
F11/14 Sketch Dr Tribe A watercolour sketch of Dr Tribe, signed WPF. A cousin of Lennie.
"This man of jests and man of jibes
As Doctor we accost
One of the celebrated Tribes
Unhappily not 'lost'. "
F11/15 Notebook Music Hall Sketch Notebook in French's hand, music hall sketch, Percy French as "Paddy the Painter".
F11/16 Drawing An ould pagan of a Dog Watercolour drawing, An ould pagan of a dog.  Sketch of boat on reverse.
F11/17 Photograph Smoke Picture Photograph of a smoke plate, boat on lake, copy of F11/18 below.
F11/18 Photographs Smoke Picture Two photographs of a smoke plate, boat on lake. In Chronicles.
x11/19 Photograph Smoke Picture Photograph of a smoke picture on glass, waves, copy of F11/20 below.
F11/20 Photograph Smoke Picture Photograph of a smoke picture on glass, waves.
F11/21 Pencil sketch A Small Child A pencil sketch of a small child by French.
F11/22 Pencil sketches Sketches Pencil sketches on page of exercise book, by French.
F11/23 Pencil sketches Sketches Page of sketches of animals and people, ideas for platform pictures, "By Percy French for me."
x11/24 Photographs Platform pictures Four photographs of some of the platform pictures in Box 21, from AT.
F11/25 Manuscript Fragment Fragment of French manuscript, used by him to seal the back of a framed painting.
F11/26 Advertisement Chas. H West An advertisement for Chas H West, picture frame maker, from a French watercolour.
F11/27 Advertisement Chas. H West Ditto, another one.
x11/28  Photograph Chalk drawing A photograph of a chalk drawing by French, property of Ms Norah Fahie, drawn for her father to show that French could think upside down.
x11/29 Photographs Watercolours Photographs of two French watercolours, The Mountains of Mourne from Mount Stewart, and Scrabo, printed in Percy French Society 1984 Festival Programme.
F11/30 Photograph Croagh Patrick Black and white photograph of a watercolour by French, Croagh Patrick.
F11/31 Photograph Untitled Black and white photograph of a watercolour by French.
F11/32 Photograph Solitude Black and white photograph of a watercolour by French, Solitude, 1905.
F11/33 Photograph Moydrum  Black and white photograph of a watercolour by French, Moydrum, 1906.
F11/34 Photograph Moydrum Ditto, another copy.
F11/35 Photograph Moydrum Ditto, another copy.
F11/36 Photograph Untitled Black and white photograph of a watercolour by French.
x11/37 Transparencies Watercolours Nine transparencies of some watercolours used in Brendan O'Dowda's stage show, from BO'D.  Unboxed.
x11/38 Photograph Lough Sheelin Photo of typical view of hills across Lough Sheelin, showing modest height. By AT.
x11/39 Catalogue Monks Eleigh Paintings Catalogue of paintings on loan from Monks Eleigh, for BO'D TV Show 1978.
x11/40 Catalogue Paintings Catalogue of paintings borrowed for TV Show. (Titles, style of signature, size, owner.)
x11/41 List Delvin Paintings List of paintings at Delvin, Strokestown, etc. compiled by AT while researching BO'D TV show.
x11/42 List Ulster Museum Paintings Handwritten in pencil list of five French paintings in the Ulster Museum collection.
x11/43 Two Lists Monks Eleigh Paintings Handwritten list of pictures taken from Monks Eleigh for exhibition May 1982 with signature details and sizes, and printed one page list of Exhibition of Watercolours by Percy French 1-5 May 1984, at Ulster Folk and Transport Museum, Percy French Society Festival 1984.
x11/44 List Monks Eleigh Paintings List of pictures from Monks Eleigh for Percy French Society collection.
x11/45 Two Lists The Paintings in the Album List of the 80 paintings in the album, with handwritten annotations and corrections (Percy French Society book of photos), and list of Correct Data for the 80 watercolours in the album.
F11/46 Printing Blocks Photographs of French Four original printing blocks: three photographs of French and a smoke picture.  Unsecured in sleeve.
x11/47 Press Cutting Belfast Newsletter 1988 An article on Morgan's Auction prices for Percy French watercolours.
x11/48 Press Cutting Evening Press [Dublin] A photocopy of an article from Evening Press, October 1966, "A Boy with a Paintbox", referring to French's paintings on doors at house in Baldoyle. See also Paintings List No.104 Baldoyle Door.
x11/49 List 2011 Watercolours and Other Framed Items Complete List (updated Jan.2011) of Watercolours and other framed items in Percy French Collection, held in Percy French Room, Town Hall, Bangor.