Ref No. Category Title Description
F10/01 Cover Foyle College Book Prize Photocopy of cover and inscribed page from Foyle College book prize, awarded to French 'Gulielmo French' for Mathematics in 1872.  The book was recently presented to Foyle College by Ettie and Joan French.
x10/02 Copy Drawing Foyle College A printed copy of a drawing of Foyle College, artist unknown, from AT.
x10/02A Pages Foyle College  A history of Foyle College.
x10/02B Page Foyle College Re. WP French at Foyle College as an Art Master, with pencilled notes by BO'N.
x10/03 Photocopies Pilgrim Scrip Photocopies from Pilgrim Scrip by Rt Hon Sir John Ross, 1927.  "The most remarkable of my school-fellows at Foyle College was William Percy French".  From AT, Central Library, Belfast.
x10/03A Extract Our School Times An extract from Foyle College 'Our School Times', May 1884.
x10/04 Certificate Bachelor of Arts Certificate French's Bachelor of Arts Degree Certificate from Trinity College Dublin; Engineering certificate framed and stored in PF Socy Room.  See Paintings List No. 69.
x10/04A Negative Trinity College, Dublin A negative of photograph of watercolour painting by French of Trinity College, Dublin.
x10/05 Photocopies The Years of My Pilgrmage Photocopies from The Years of My Pilgrimage, John Ross, 1924. "Among my school friends was Percy FrenchÉI wrote for him one or two comic songs, which travelled far." From AT, Central Library, Belfast.
F10/06 Letter fragment Mary Kennedy Fragment of a letter, includes lines on Mary Kennedy, possibly by French (see F01/11). Mary was in the cast of A Simple Sweep.
x10/07 Photograph Fred Archer A photograph of a commemorative plate to Fred Archer, champion jockey. French wrote an epitaph on him in 1886. (In AT), From AT, Weidenfelds (Publishers) Ltd. London.
x10/08 Photograph Arnmore Photograph of Arnmore, outside Cavan. Now a golf course, originally country home of Armitage Moores.  Photo by AT.
F10/09 Portrait photograph French Photographs of portrait of French by Connie Tyrrell-Lewis.  Original portrait in Percy French Society Collection. List No. 67 
x10/10 Transparencies Ethel's grave Transparencies of Ethel's grave in Mount Jerome Cemetery, Dublin. From AT.
x10/11 Photograph Door from Baldoyle Photograph of door from Percy French Society, originally in Baldoyle, see Paintings List No. 104. Plus quotation from Ulster Television programme on French by Brendan O'Dowda.  Photographed in situ.
x10/12 Photographs Door from Baldoyle More photographs of doors and panels from Baldoyle.  Plus press articles and research notes on the topic.  From AT.
x10/13 Transparency Door from Baldoyle A transparency of the door.  From AT.
F10/14 Manuscript and sketch WP French Pencil manuscript on inside of envelope, French's hand. Character of WPF as told by Prof Annie Oppenheim at Earls Court 1893.  Plus sketch. In AT.
F10/15 Press Report Wedding Report Press reports of French's second marriage, 24th January 1894.
F10/16 Sketch and Silhouette WP French A page from a drawing book, sketch of French by Lennie, "My White Haired Laddie", from Ettie's cousin's scrapbook in Warwickshire, plus silhouette "This is a Politician", with initials EL.
F10/17 Telegram French to Sheldon Family Telegram from French to Sheldon family in Burmington on arrival of baby, 5th November 1894.  In AT.
F10/18 Lantern slide Political Satire Lantern slide by RC Orpen, political satire.
F10/19 Lantern slides At the Queen's/Hy'am it for a fit/Ye Saucy Nellie
x10/20 Press report Obituary of King Olav of Norway Financial Time obituary of King Olav of Normay, Jan 1991. (Mentioned by Ettie in Percy French Remembered.)  From AT.
F10/21 Pen sketch The Divil a thrain Pen sketch of 'The Divil a thrain' by French, signed "Yours sincerely, Percy French." On reverse, 'With compliments from Sam Henry, Sandelford, Coleraine.'  (Sam Henry was a great collector of folksong.) Photo copy of this sketch in F11/03.
F10/22 Ticket and sketches Sarah Bernhardt Reception Ticket to Sarah Bernhardt Reception, Hotel Cecil, 23rd June 1902.  On reverse, sketches by French in pencil.
F10/23 Sketch Bearded man Sketch by EHL on Savage Club notepaper, 25th October 1902.
F10/24 Page Character of French French's character told from his hand, 16th November 1907, pencil manuscript, in French's hand. "Philosophical and takes things easy.  Very independent and inventive.  Didn't get going for a long time.  Three children, one will be very remarkable.  One child has been an anxiety.  In 1909 will be offered two things, one by a man whose name begins with H, better take this offer, connected with patents.  Art only a pastime, not the life work.'" 
F10/25 Menu and sketches Savage Club Savage Club Supper Menu, 9th June 1899. On reverse pen sketches of Phil and Mark by French.
x10/26 Transparency Glenveagh Visitors' Book Transparency from Glenveagh Visitors' Book, 28th August 1909. "Remember me is all I askÉ"    From AT.
x10/27 Transparency Glenveagh Visitors' Book "When you get to GlenveaghÉ"
F10/28 Invitation and Shopping List Lawson Wood Exhibition Invitation to Lawson Wood Exhibition, March 1910.  On reverse in pencil and pen, French's hand, Shopping list.
x10/29 Photocopy Who's Who 1909 Who's Who entry, 1909.  From AT.
F10/30 Letter Who's Who Letter from Who's Who, enclosing proof.
x10/31 Photocopy Who's Who 1912 Who's Who entry, 1912.  From AT.
x10/31A Photocopy Who Was Who 1916-28 From AT.
F10/32 Press report The Daily News An article from The Daily News, 3rd December 1909, From AT. "Favourite Amusements of Famous People. 'Writing pathetic poems' is one of the forms of recreation of Mr Percy French, the humorist."
F10/33 List  House Hunting in Dublin A list in French's pencil, house-hunting in Dublin. "6 Harcourt St, want £80 ought take £60." etc.
F10/34 Pencil sketch French Pencil sketch of French by Kitty Lloyd, February 1912.  In AT.
x10/35 Book of Signatures French Two photocopies of a folded signature of French, 28th March 1913, with the book that they were taken from, belonging to Mrs Vivien Winslow, entitled 'The Ghosts of my Friends.' "Sign your name along the fold of the paper with a full pen of ink, and then double the page over with[out] using blotting paper."    (Came from Mrs Winslow via BO'D.)  
F10/36 Silhouette French Photocopy of Hubert Leslie's silhouette of French.  (NB: This is often reproduced the wrong way round, making French seem left-handed.) See also Paintings List Nos. 90, 90B, 90C.
F10/37 spare number EMPTY SLEEVE
F10/38 Sketch French Clipping from programme, reproduction of sketch, French sitting on chair back, talking to children. "A Lion Story."
F10/39 Pen Sketch French Original of above, pen sketch on reverse of Hotel Dieudonne, London, notepaper.
F10/40 Leaflet and Sketch Savage Club House Dinner A leaflet announcing Savage Club House Dinner, 25th May 1918. On reverse, pencil sketch of French by GL Stamps, the artist who did the printed cartoon on the front.
F10/41 Verse Silver Wedding 1919 Pen manuscript in French's hand, verse written on the occasion of their silver wedding, 1919.  "If we had lived upon our loneÉ"  In AT.
F10/42 Passport Application French 1919 Passport application, December 1919, from French. Purpose: travelling to Switzerland to raise funds for the Royal Surgical Aid Society.
Profession:   Entertainer
Height:         5'5"          Chin:  Ordinary
Forehead:     High         Colour of Hair:  White
Eyes:            Grey         Complexion:   Pale
Nose:            Straight    Face:  Usual (White moustache)
Mouth:          Straight    Any special peculiarities:   None
The signature used on the cover of AT book came from here.
F10/43 Church Magazine and Poem Obituary Mary Ann Richardson Holy Trinity Parish Magazine, Formby, January 1921. 'In Memoriam'. "On the last day of 1920, in the presence of her children and devoted faithful nurse and servants, as the words 'Now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace' were being said, Mary Ann Richardson, the mother of the Canon, passed away...Just a year ago, Mr Percy French, before he died, wrote the following lines (how she valued them!) 'Composed in Bed...'  "  And typed copy of the poem, 21st January 1920.   Printed in AT.
F10/44 Typescript Boarding House Geometry This is by Stephen Leacock, maybe French incorporated it into his show?
F10/45 Press Report Obituary French The Times obituary of French, 29th January 1920.
F10/46 Press Report Obituary French Irish Independent obituary, 27th January 1920.  Also, obit from a London theatrical paper.  "To know who knew Percy French at all intimately it would be difficult indeed to conceive a more lovable man.  He died at his work, as he would have wished to die, and those of us who knew him well feel assured that he faced death with a fortitude strengthened by that gaiety of spirit which was inseparable from all that was so irresistibly Percy French."
F10/47  Press Report Obituary French Obit from a Dublin paper. "Some years ago his name was added as a pensioner to the Civil ListÉPercy French was the most industrious of men.  He never seemed to rest, in railway trains, on steamers, in the houses of his friends, he painted and wrote under conditions which would have been impossible for most people, but for him seemed easy and natural."
F10/48 Press Report Obituary French Dublin Express obit, 27th January 1920, with a long account of French's work.
F10/49 Letter Lucy Douglas-Irvine to Lennie A letter from Lucy Douglas-Irvine to Lennie (cousin) on French's death.
F10/50 Letter To Mollie A letter to Mollie, on French's death.
F10/51 Letter Hester Travers Smith to Lennie A letter from Hester Travers Smith to Lennie, on French's death.  "I have seldom felt a more sincere attachment to a person I only knew a little of, than I did to Mr French.  He always seemed a friend, not an acquaintance and I never met him without a feeling of immense pleasure..."
F10/52 Letter Geoffrey to Lennie A letter from Geoffrey (nephew) to Lennie, on French's death, from Kuala Lumpur.  "I shall never forget the jolly Sundays I used to spend with you all before I came out here and how Uncle Willie generally had some little 'job' for me to do in order to earn a 'bob', he will be sadly missed by all of us."
F10/53 Letter H Pearl Adam to Lennie A letter from H Pearl Adam to Lennie, on French's death.
F10/54 Press Report Obituary - Collisson Press account of Collisson's death, in Hawarden, and biography. "Born at Dublin in 1865Éstarted the Dublin Popular Concerts in 1885, also the Belfast and London Popular ConcertsÉordained in 1898, and from 1899 to 1901 was assistant priest at St Tudy's, Cornwall, afterwards holding curacies in several London parishes...Deceased was 55 years of age, and was a Clerk in Holy Orders on the Bishop of London's Emergency Staff."
F10/55 Press Report The Capuchin Annual Pages from The Capuchin Annual. "Percy French, An Appreciation" by Val Vousden."Éyou could never praise himÉhe would "twisht" your laudation into a huge jokeÉ"  A lengthy appraisal, with many quotes and anecdotes.    
F10/55A Pages of above The Capuchin Annual Ditto, continued.
F10/55B Pages of above The Capuchin Annual Ditto, continued.
F10/55C Pages of above The Capuchin Annual Ditto, continued.
F10/55D Pages of above The Capuchin Annual Ditto, continued.
F10/56 Press Report Part obituary French Irish Life cutting, part of an obit, 29th January 1920.
F10/57 Press Report Chronicles of Percy French A review, 22nd July 1923, in Dublin Sunday Independent, of the Chronicles of Percy French.
F10/58 Press Report Personal Reminiscences Press cutting Letters to the Editor about French, from Coulson Kernahan and Robin H Legge, with personal reminiscences.
F10/59 Press Report Obituary French Belfast Telegraph obit, 8th March 1920.  "A National Asset. ÉNo Irish piper or country fiddler was ever more successful in making the feet of an audience start ajiggingÉHe could imitate to perfection any variety of the Irish brogue, from the accent of the fashionable Rathmines lady to that of the Galway peasant."
F10/60 Press Report Obituary French Pages from Irish Cyclist & Motor Cyclist, obit. 18th January 1920.  "Dublin-up-to-Date, a satire on Dublin Society.  It was a very pronounced success, and attracted such large audiences that it may be said to have been the turning point in his careerÉmay his memory ever remain green."
F10/61 Press Report and photograph Obituary French Holy Trinity Parish Magazine, Formby, obit. And photograph of French's grave at Formby, Lancs.
x10/62 Programme Percy French Festival Festival programme with reproduction of silhouette of French on cover, May 1988.  
x10/63 Poems D. Godley  Photocopies of poems, from various sources, by D. Godley, friend of French from "Trombone of Truth" days.  From AT.
x10/64 Pages In and On Ireland Photocopies of pages from Dr Collisson "In and on Ireland". From AT.
x10/65 Pages Green Memory Photocopies of pages from Green Memory, LAG Strong.  An Account of French printed in AT.  From AT.
x10/66 Pages The Careys Photocopies of pages from The Careys by Honor Rudnitzky.  An account of French.  From AT.
x10/67 Page Tennis Photocopy of page about tennis, 1881.  From AT.
x10/68 Pages Irish Tradition of Parody Photocopies of pages from James Joyce and the Irish Tradition of Parody. From BO'D, "Imitations from the (Percy) French."
x10/69 Notes Parody Originals Derek Collie's notes on the parody originals, plus photocopies of Wordsworth etc.  From AT.
F10/70 Typescript Boarding House Geometry Another typescript of Boarding House Geometry (see F10/44).
F10/71 Press Report Miss Dorothy Richardson Saltdean woman gets an MBE in New Year Honours 1963 (Miss Dorothy Richardson).
F10/72 Press Report Dowager Lady Wolseley Death of Dowager Lady Wolseley.
F10/73 Press Report French Family Tree The Tuam Herald, history of Galway branch of the French family, 1913.
x10/74 Photograph Ettie and Joan French Photograph of Ettie and Joan at Ulster Museum 1978.
x10/75 Photograph Courtney Kenny, Brendan O'Dowda, Alan Tongue Photograph of Courtney Kenny, Brendan O'Dowda, and Alan Tongue at Ulster Museum, 1978.
x10/76 Photograph Ettie and Joan French and Alan Tongue Ettie and Joan and Alan Tongue, outside Dolphin Barn, after filming of Percy French Remembered, 1989.
F10/77 Letter Trinity College Dublin Letter from TCD with French's Entrance Exam marks.
x10/78 Caricature Percy French Photocopy of caricature by WPF of himself, from a child's autograph book, c1915/16, given by Mr Wallace Clark.
F10/79 Letters and Press Report Sir Hugh Lane Letter from Sir Hugh Lane (nephew of Lady Gregory), undated, to Mrs French (Lennie), cutting re. Sir Hugh Lane and the sinking of the Lusitania, two letters to BO'N from Patricia Boylam, and a photocopy of Sir Hugh Lane's letter, above.
x10/80 Press Report, Photographs, Letter French's Grave Press cutting, photographs of WPF grave at Formby and leaflet "A Brief Tour of St Luke's Church, Formby", and letter.
x10/81 Notes and Photographs Windermere College AT's research papers and photographs on Windermere College and WPF.
x10/82 Photographs Ettie French Photographs of Ettie French memorial at St Bartholomew's Church, Conary, Co. Wicklow, and photograph of marriage certificate.
x10/83 Press Report Obituary French Obituary of Percy French, unidentified newspaper, 26th January 1920.
x10/84 Drawing, Letters, Newsletter French  Copy of a drawing made by WPF whilst blindfolded in a "pig book" owned by a Miss Allen of Carrick-on-Shannon. Miss Allen was mother of Brigadier Brian Birkett who gave it to the Society. The mirror was added by Miss Allen. Also two letters to BO'N from Brig. Birkett, and Newsletter No. 36 "The Jarvey" 1998.  See letter French to Ettie, F04/02 telling her about pig.
x10/85 Computer Disk From AT Disk marked French/.DOC and Copyright Alan Tongue 1997.
x10/86 Insurance Certificate French A General Accident Life Insurance Certificate bearing name of French.
F10/87 Musical Instrument Piano This piano was given as a 21st birthday present by Percy French to his second daughter, Mollie (1896-1956) in 1917.  (The Piano resides in the Museum Restaurant.)
x10/88 Photocopy Pages Percy French Remembered Odd Photocopied pages, Roscommon Historical Society, Percy French Remembered.
x10/89 Album Cover Album Cover Old Album Cover, no content