Ref No. Category Title Description
F08/01 Typescript The King of the Mountains 48 Springfield Road, so c.1905-10.  Includes as separate sheets, scenario, uncompleted.
F08/01A Typescript The King of the Mountains Ditto, a second copy.
F08/02 Typescript The King of the Mountains Act I
F08/03 Typescript The King of the Mountains Act II
F08/04 Typescript The King of the Mountains Act III
F08/05 List La Belle Souris List of characters, scenario, and list of songs for La Belle Souris, Opera Comique in Three Acts. Composer Senor Guetary, Librettist Percy French.  Alan Tongue believes this was never written.
F08/05A List La Belle Souris Ditto, another copy.
F08/06 Letter etc. La Belle Souris Letter from John Glaser to Otto Fitzen praising Mons G. (Senor Guetary?) Contract between Pedro Guetary and John Lavine: John Lavine as manager and agent to secure performances of La Belle Souris, 8th May 1905. Also envelope in French's hand, La Belle Souris.
F08/07 Part Typescript Babes in the Wood Typescript, part missing, for a version of Babes in the Wood.
F08/08 Typescript Gloom A Russian Hair and Curtain Raiser! (Revue sketch, parody on Russian drama).  Two copies:  One ready "by Percy French", the other "by I Kan Nokemoff".  Some Production Notes in pen, French's hand.
F08/09 Typescript pages Musical Two typewritten pages, with pen amendments in French's hand, insert for Act II in some musical.  Characters are Kitty, Dan, Harry, Larry, Mrs Clancy.