Ref No. Category Title Description
F06/01 Libretto Strongbow Last two pages of libretto, 1892
F06/02 Poem French to Ettie and Mollie Pencil manuscript in French's hand. NB: In A Picture of Percy French, AT edited verse 5, changing snooff to snook.
F06/03 Poem Ettie's 20th Birthday Lines in French's hand, pencil manuscript.  Complete with crossings out, this is possibly the first and final draft.
F06/03A Poem Ettie's 20th Birthday Page two of above.
F06/03B Poem Ettie's 20th Birthday Page three of above.
F06/04 Trio The Minnesota Masie Words only in French's hand, pen manuscript, six pages.  "Oh Masie she's a daisy/She's lovely an' she's lazy/Masie drives me crazy/When she's nuffin' else to do."
F06/05 Poem Mr Parnell at Thurles Typescript, French's typewriter.
F06/06 Poem To the Mother & Father of the "Nipper". Typescript, misprints, corrected by Ettie?
F06/07 Song There was a little Hen/The Panorama Repainted Words only, originally from Noah's Ark? "Add this to your repertoire" - note from French to Laffan? Pen manuscript, French's hand. Three pages. On reverse of last page, The Panorama Repainted. Pencil manuscript, French's hand, fragment of this sketch. (Lecturer Percy French, Vocalist Miss May Laffan.)
F06/08 Song When Auntie comes & tells us how we really look to her. Words only, pen manuscript, French's hand.  "When Auntie comes to visit us/We know she's full of wealth/And so we're most solicitous/About our auntie's health."
F06/08A Song When Auntie comes Page two of above.
F06/08B Song When Auntie comes Page three of above.
F06/09 Song Fragment The Lady I Love Just Now Fragment of song, words only, typescript, French's typewriter.  "But I would sing of the raven hair/That shadows the queenly brow/Of her who is fairest of the fair/The lady I love just now."
F06/10 Poem Fragment Nothing Pencil manuscript, on Port of Spain notepaper, French's hand.  "Nothing to right but wrongs/Nothing but hair to comb/Nothing to sing but songs/Nowhere to go but home."
F06/11 Jottings/Sketch Dans le pays de Jamais A page of jottings, pen manuscript, French's hand.  "Dans le pays de Jamais Jamais/Quel bonheur/Je trouverai les amis/De mon coeur."   Pencil sketches on reverse.
F06/12 Song Fragment/Sketch I'll Go to the Races/Kissing Cup Fragment of song, pencil manuscript, French's hand.  "Sez I, I'll go to the races/Sez she you'll do no such thing/Until you buy new braces/And get rid o' that bit of string."   On reverse, sketch of Kissing Cup.
F06/13 Poem Fragment Lord Lytton Fragment of a poem, pen manuscript, French's hand, from 1913 trip to Switzerland.  "With a strong desire I'm smitten/To immortalize Lord Lytton/Oer the rink at Murren flittin'/With a lady on his arm."
F06/14 Poem Fragment Water the Garden Fragment of poem, pen manuscript, French's hand.  "Water the garden their necks they will crane a bit/Lookin' to see of perhaps it might rain a bit/Labour they shirk with a shrug and a smile/Work! Is it work! In the Emerald Isle."
F06/15 Poem Fragment If you can live on what your Father made Fragment of poem, pen manuscript, French's hand.  "If you can live on what your father made/And take up no profession and no trade/But loaf around and sneer at those who do/ÉI hope to meet you when I've got my gun/For you must be an awful ass my son!"
F06/16 Poem The Kaizer's Dream Typescript, French's typewriter, eight verses.   Verse 4: "He thought the Teuton race supplied/All culture and research/'The Arts will flourish' William cried/'Where Prussia's Eagles perch;'/He looked again, his cultured men/Were blowing up a church."
F06/17 Song/Sketch The Laird of Lantyloo Words only, pen and pencil manuscript, French's hand. "Don't let relations know/When you've come in for your money/ÉAnd they want to borrow money/From the Laird o'Lantyloo."   Plus sketch of lady's face.
F06/18 Song The Last London Cab Horse Typescript, French's typewriter. (Air: The place where the old horse died) Printed in BO'D.
F06/19 Poem The Dirge of the Daughters Typescript, French's typewriter, with corrections in pen, French's hand.  Two pages, eight verses.  "We've a house in Eaton Square/We've the entrŽe everywhere/ÉBut we're keeping rather quiet for the present."
F06/20 Poem/sketches Katy Ryan On Sesame Club paper, with sketches, pen manuscript, French's hand. "A sequel to The Emigrant's Letter, but can stand alone also."  "Oh girls there's come a letter/From the boy who sailed away/ÉFor across the sea he's marchin'/To the ould Town land!"
F06/21 Song/sketches All by the Baltic Say Words only, pen and typescript, French's hand and typewriter, with original alterations, signed. Another hand (de Burgh Daly?) had added two verses from an old song T'was on a Sunday Morning (see Chronicles), four pages, nineteen verses, sketches.  Stored in Box 25.  See also printed version of song at F22/03.
F06/22 Song Misther Dooley Typescript, words only, "Words by Percy French - 1916". "The Ballyhooley Banner is a paper that you buy/When you want a periodical that never tells a lie,/So when this mighty was began the correspondent who/Reported for the Banner was the pick of all the crew."
F06/23 Poem Meditations on Betty Typescript, 27th November 1917, French's typewriter, recited by French at Betty Duncan's marriage, printed in AT.  "And well she'll play this latest role/Supported by a kindred soul;/So, Comrades fill the flowing bowl!"
F06/24 Poem When first I knew Mecredy Typescript, with an account of the celebration of Mecredy's silver wedding. Printed in AT. "When first I knew Mecredy/We were rather poor and needy/(Take this cum grano salis, for a poet must have rhymes)".
F06/25 Poem An hour at Cloonyquin Pen manuscript, written down by someone trying to remember French's verses written on his last visit to Cloonyquin, while he was giving a concert at Carrick-on-Shannon.   Incorrectly remembered.  "All around this inland bay/Some twenty feet by ten,/The ships are landed on the bay/Well manned by paper men/And we are landed on the beach/To shell that mimic foe/Ah me, ah me, that little boy/Of sixty years ago."
F06/26 Poem The Little Vicar Pen manuscript, French's hand, signed "WPF New Year's Night 1920", two pages, on notepaper from Nash Court, Marnhull, Dorset. On reverse: "Dear Johnny, all good luck.W.P." The poem refers to French's cousin, Johnny Richardson, Canon at Formby.  "Give me a garden in the sun/A cushioned chair of wicker/And one companion - only one/ - I choose - The Little Vicar."
F06/26A Poem The Little Vicar Page two of above.
F06/27 Poem Lines on the Little Vicar Pencil manuscript, French's hand, with alterations, signed "WPF 3rd December 1919."  "Give me a garden in the sun/A cushioned chair of wicker/Just one companion - only one/ - His name? "The Little Vicar,"
F06/27A Poem Lines on the Little Vicar Page two of above.
F06/27B Poem Lines on the Little Vicar Page three of above.
F06/28 Poem The Little Vicar A photocopy of F06/26 and F06/26A.
F06/29 Poem Composed in Bed 21st January 1920, photocopy of typescript, originally printed in Formby church magazine, reproduced in AT.
F06/30 Song The Fortunes of Finnegan Words only, pen manuscript, unknown hand, words as published.
F06/31 Sketch My Mayo Model Pencil, pen and typewriter manuscript, with alterations, French's hand, dialogue, poems, songs, eleven pages.
F06/32 Monologues Various Typescript, French's typewriter, plus pencilled corrections. Three odd pages from a larger collection, includes part of a monologue to an upside-down drawing.
F06/33 Monologue/ sketch In the Tropics Pencil manuscript, with alterations, French's hand, incomplete.  With sketches of head.
F06/34 Patter fragment Father Con Pen manuscript, French's hand. "The donkey flourishes in a great many parts of the country and a big stick flourishes about a great many parts of the donkey."
F06/35 Monologue How to become a Vocalist Typescript, with pencil alterations, French's hand, incomplete.  "In order to become a successful singer, you must always give the audience what you think they would like."
F06/36 Monologue Second-hand Book Auction on Broadway Typescript, four pages, with pen alterations, French's hand. Signed "Percy French, 27 Clifton Hill, NW8."  " 'Manners at Mealtimes' Here's a little book that all the crowned heads of Europe have been trying to get for years."
F06/37 Monologue Second-hand Book Auction on Broadway Ditto, pen manuscript, unknown hand, two sheets.
F06/38 Monologue German Intelligence Pen manuscript, French's hand, three pages.  "Office of Der Krakpotz, Berlin, Friday."
F06/39 Story The Shanachie Tells a Tale Typescript, French's typewriter, twelve pages, signed "Percy French, 27 Clifton Hill, NW8."
F06/39A Story The Shanachie Tells a Story Typescript, with alterations in an unknown hand.  
F06/39B Story The Shanachie Tells a Story Another copy.
F06/40 Sketches The Petty Sessions/Finnegan Buys a Pig Typescript, French's typewriter, with pen alterations, French's hand, signed "Percy French", five pages.
F06/41 Sketch fragment Untitled Pencil manuscript, French's hand.  "R: An if I accept ye/J:I'll be the happiest girl in Ecclefechan."
F06/42 Sketch In Dublin Typescript, with pen alterations in French's hand, first page only.  "In my gay little home in Rathmines/Quite close to the tramway-lines..".
F06/43 Sketch fragment Violet and O'Brien Pen manuscript, French's hand.
F06/43A Sketch fragment Violet and O'Brien Page two of above.
F06/44 Sketch The Pirate Pencil manuscript, French's hand, seven pages.
F06/44A Sketch The Pirate Another page of above.
F06/44B Sketch and Poem The Pirate/Napoleon Five more pages of above.  On reverse unfinished verse on Napoleon
F06/45 Monologue My Cinema Play Pen manuscript, French's hand.
F06/45A Monologue My Cinema Play Page two of above.
F06/45B Monologue My Cinema Play Page three of above.
F06/46 Monologue fragment My Cinema Play Fragments of above, pen manuscript, French's hand, two pages.
F06/47 Sketch Who's to Win Her Pen manuscript, French's hand, five pages.
F06/48 Sketch The Letter from the Front Typescript, French's typewriter, six pages, page 5 missing.
F06/49 Sketch fragments Pat Magee & Mrs Carey Typescript, with pen additions, French's hand.
F06/49A Sketch fragments Pat Magee & Mrs Carey Another page of above.
F06/49B Sketch fragments Pat Magee & Mrs Carey Another page of above.
F06/50 Synopsis The Prairie Flower Ink manuscript, French's hand. Directions for Ettie French and Betty Duncan. Includes pen drawing of Red Indian.  See also F06/45.
F06/51 Patter notes re conjuring trick Fragment, pen manuscript, French's hand
F06/52 Patter notes re good and bad music Exercise book, nine pages, some loose pen and pencil manuscript, French's hand.
F06/53 Patter notes Are Ye Right There Michael? Pen manuscript, French's hand, sample printed in AT.
F06/54 Patter notes The Comic Man Pen manuscript, French's hand. "The first item was Signor Rumbusto the Italian pianist.  He played good music - I knew it was good because it sounded awful."
F06/55 Song fragment and patter re. the beautiful Ann  Pen manuscript, French's hand. "But her hat blew away as she leant from the train/He signalled the guard and the driver in vain/He tried to console her but failed to of course/But the beautiful Ann was a girl of resource."
F06/55A Song fragment and patter re. the beautiful Ann/Mick's Hotel/Tullinahaw Above continued plus patter introduction to Mick's Hotel, and Tullinahaw.
F06/55B Song fragment and patter Ditto Above continued.
F06/55C Song fragment and patter Ditto Above continued.
F06/56 Story One Good Man Typescript, French's typewriter, with pen alterations. Parody of Marie Correli. Signed "Percy French, 48 Springfield Road, NW", twelve pages.
F06/57 Grand Limerick There was a young lady called Ettie Pencil manuscript, French's hand, Grand Limerick supplement to the Rottingdean Roarer.  Four pages, with drawings. "There was a young lady called Ettie/Who considered the sea a bit wetty/When they said Look alive/And go in for a dive/She stood on her head on the jetty.
F06/58 Joke Pen manuscript, French's hand.
F06/59 Pages The Trombone of Truth A page from The Trombone of Truth, Flyers of the Hunt, pen drawings and manuscript, French's hand.
F06/60 Pages The Trombone of Truth Another page from above, on reverse "Contributions wanted. WF."
F06/61 Sketch, song and patter notebook A notebook in French's hand. On cover: "Contents: The letter to the front/The boy at the War/Traditional Ballad/Ach I dunno." Inside "Please return to Percy French, 27 Clifton Hill, NW, London". From the back of the book there is patter to go with making a smoke picture, sketch of attendant - Calais, Dover, London (in AT), patter.
F06/62 Triolet French to Ettie "To Ettie from her loving Daddy Nov 4, 1907", French's hand. 
F06/63 Poem Elfin Warblings Photocopy of poem probably written by French after a charity concert organised by his father in Elphin, Co. Roscommon in 1879. Handwritten copy extract from the Roscommon Messenger of 25th January 1879. Donated by Michael St.G.Irwin (Gt.Nephew of French).
x06/64 Booklet The Monologue Series A booklet, The Monologue Series No.76, Our House-Warming by Percy French.
F06/65 Poem Queen's Advice to Lord Zetland Typescript, French's typewriter, of poem, The Queen's Advice to Lord Zetland before starting for Ireland, as overheard and reported by Larry Flynn, waiter, see also Box 23 Vol II, page 7. 
F06/66 Poem Queen Victoria's Visit to Ireland Typescript, French's typewriter, of poem Queen Victoria's visit to Ireland. After dinner speech made by the Queen, on the occasion of her last visit to Ireland, and taken down verbatim (More or Less) by Larry Flynn, the waiter. See also Box 23 Vol II, page 8.
F06/67 Poems Gortnamona/To the West A printed page with two poems, and a handwritten comment "From the unpublished poems of Percy French".