Ref No. Category Title Description
x05/01 Photocopy 1900-1908 Please note that the use of these photocopies will prolong the life of the original diaries.
x05/02 Photocopy 1909-1916 Ditto.
F05/03 Original 1900-1902 This and others below are original engagement diaries for French's entertainments, kept by his wife.  W refers to 'Willie'.  The rest of the family's plans are usually on the right hand side of the page.
F05/04 Copy 1900-1902 Ditto, a second copy.
F05/05 Original 1902-1904 Original diary.
F05/06 Original 1904-1906 Original diary.
F05/07 Original 1906-1908 Original diary.
F05/08 Original 1908-1910 Original diary.
F05/09 Original 1910-1912 Original diary.
F05/10 Original 1912-1914 Original diary.
F05/11 Original 1914-1916 Original diary.
F05/12 Original 1919-1920 Original diary.
F05/13 Original 1920 Odd pages from original diary.