Ref No. Category Title Description
F03/01 Programme Very early programme, ink on card, by hand. Possibly 1890s. Includes Comic song/Our Local Penny Reading/The Amateur Drama/Why I didn't become an actor...WPFrench; Sketch "Snooping" or "A brush with the natives".  "In this sketch Mr French will paint a water colour sketch in 5 minutes."  Concert Pt 1, 11, & 111.
F03/02 Programme A Simple Sweep Comic Operetta by F Broughton & J Bownes, performed in Cavan, 9th March 1887. Illustrated with sketches by French, eg French as chimney sweep, coat of arms made out of sweep's brushes, motto 'I Follow Suit'. Includes the cast of A Simple Sweep, and Who's Who? An insert page for another day gives cast of A Simple Sweep plus Naval Engagements. Both programmes include Topical Duet, Messrs French & Radcliffe.  For photos of cast see F01/11, F01/12, and F01/13.
x03/03 Review Cavan Weekly News Photocopy, Friday Mar 11th, 1887, presented by Pat Nally, giving review of A Simple Sweep. "When the production of an operetta was talked about, we shook our headsÉMiss Kennedy as Fair Rosamond, and Mr French as The SweepÉ.rapturously encoredÉ"
F03/04 Programme The Knight of the Road,  (later, The Irish Girl) Programme, Monday April 27th, 1891, Queen's Royal Theatre, Dublin. Cast list includes Jack Freeny, a highwayman. Synopsis on back page. For photos see F01/17, F01/18, F01/19. For review and sketches see Lady's Pictorial items in F21/04 and F21/05, stored in Box 25.
F03/04A Review The Knight of the Road Newspaper Reviews, donated by Michael St.G.Irwin (Gt.Nephew of French)
F03/05 Interview article Evening Telegraph An "Up to Date" interview with French by the Evening Telegraph, including a sketch of French, and on reverse under City & Suburban, a note about the large audiences for Strongbow, 1892.
F03/05A Interview article Evening Telegraph Ditto, another copy
F03/06 Programme/Reviews Triple Bill All from Alice Linde's scrapbook: Programme for Triple Bill, at Leinster Hall, October 1892, review from Lady's Pictorial, November 1892, "The sketch, Snooping, is one of the best things Mr French has yet done.....This work(operetta Midsummer Madness) is, I think, quite the best, although perhaps the least high-flown effort of the co-workers. The plot is not original, but the situations, dialogue and witticisms decidedly are." Also, review from The Echo, 2nd December 1892, of Rathmines School Concert, with list of those present.
F03/07 Playbill Triple Bill Torn pages from a published book (The Irish Book Lover) of playbills, with playbill of Triple Bill. See F03/06. 1892, incorrectly attributed to 1904. 
F03/08 Review Triple Bill Review from Dublin Independent, 1st November 1892. "The prompter had more to do than perhaps ought to have fallen to his share, and even at times his unconspicuous office was kindly undertaken for him by the players themselves, who in this regard showed a praiseworthy reciprocity... It must be recorded that Mr French's sketch is full of clever things, one of the best being the song Mat Hannigan's Aunt, which the author renders in fetching fashion, accompanying himself the while on the banjo." 
F03/09 Reviews Triple Bill Four reviews, all from Alice Linde's scrapbook: Review from The Herald, 1892. Includes the words of Kodak Song. Review from The Freeman's Journal, November 8th 1892, "A novelty on the occasion was Mr Percy French's sketch entitled Our Local Penny Readings...". Review from Daily Independent as in F03/08 above. Review from The Lady, November 1892, "The ease and self-confidence with which Dr WH Collisson donned the velvet tunic and lace of Little Lord Faultyboy proves that the 'popular concert' organizer has developed a new talent, and his acting throughout was uncommonly good and at times most entertaining."
F03/10 Reviews Dublin up to Date Review of performance at the Molesworth Hall, Dublin, 1894. "Mr French's vocal contributions included Mulligan's Masquerade, The Young Couple on the stairs, and a Serenade arranged for a Baritone and a Bull Dog...Mr Percy FrenchÉshowed us ourselves as others see us with the aid of his facile pencil and the oxy-hydrogen light".  Envelope included, "circa 1894".
F03/11 Advertising Card French and Orpen At Home Card advertising Messrs French and Orpen At Home, March lst and 4th, 1893. Includes Orpen's sketch of them both.  Part I - Mr French at Home (more or less); Pt II - Mr Orpen Abroad (sketching under difficulties); Pt III - Amateur Theatricals - Their Cause and Cure.
F03/12 Reviews, etc Benefit Concerts (Linde/Collisson) All from Alice Linde's scrapbook, four reviews, one advertisement, one letterhead, and one envelope. Irish Society Review, 17th March 1894, on Dr Collisson's Benefit Concert, "Mr W Percy French was at his best É.the popular song Daisy Bell, the translation of the song into various European tongues was greeted with shrieks of delight". Review from Irish Times, August 14th, 1894, re concert at Grand Hotel, Malahide (Linde). Social Review account of Linde Benefit Concert, and weekly Irish Times Review of same. Advertisement for the concert, letter heading of Grand Hotel, Malahide, an envelope addressed to Alex Linde Esq., Bank of Ireland, Dublin.
F03/13 Review French and Orpen At Home Tyrone Constitution review of performance at Grand Jury Rooms, Omagh, 6th April 1894, "Powerful oxyhydrogen lantern, manipulated by Mr RC Orpen in a very creditable mannerÉThe Night that Miss Cooney Eloped was sung in excellent style as the various characters represented appeared in rapid succession on the screen".
F03/14 Reviews French and Orpen At Home Five reviews from Birr, Roscrea, Clonmel, Carrick, Athlone, Kilkenny. " Éin undertaking the present tour, Mr W Percy French has very stiff uphill work before he can prevail on provincial residents to 'come in their thousands'."
F03/15 Reviews C.1895, seven papers review performance at Antient Concert Rooms. "He has just returned from a successful visit to EnglandÉ" "Of Mr French's new songs there are three which ought to 'stay', for the sake of both words and airs - Drumcollagher, Mulligan's Masquerade, and the Killyran Wrackers." "One of the best items ...Rev P Binks's account of his visit to the Children's Christmas Party."
F03/16 Programme Dunlavin Concert Concert at Dunlavin, Saturday 23rd February 1895, a variety concert including French in Our Local Penny Readings, and A Brush with the Natives.  On reverse, sketches of various noses by French, "nosical".
F03/17 Reviews Hohezeit/Linde Benefit All from Alice Linde's scrapbook, 1895, reviews and notices. Social Review on Hohezeit at the Antient Concert Rooms, "Our 'most practial joker' (As Mr Edwin Hamilton dubbed Mr French some time ago) appeared in several new and original sketches." Review of Alice Linde Benefit Concert at the Rotunda, reproduction of photo of 'Miss Alyce Lynde' [sic], and seven other notices and programmes of hers.
F03/18 Review Mr Franklin's Concert From Alice Linde's scrapbook, 1896. The Ballina Herald, November 12th, review of Mr Franklin's Concert. "Mr Percy FrenchÉa universal favourite, as he deserves to be."  Also, seven items re. Linde.
F03/19 Programme Odd Corners Programme for performance on Wednesday 30th November 1898, Whitworth Hall, Drogheda. Complete programme details including "Mr French's latest success, a Quick-Change sketch, a la Biondi" , see F01/28-33.  The back page lists published songs, and written on reverse "PL Cooney, 10 Laurence Street, Drogheda (with compliments)".
F03/20 Programme Palace Theatre of Varieties Programme from 20th January,1900, richly coloured outside.  Inside at Item No. 5, "Percy French. The Irish Entertainer."
F03/21 Press Cutting Reynold's Weekly Newspaper Cutting 24th April 1900 looking forward to a matinee musicale, at Criterion Grand Hall on May 10th. "Among the other artistsÉPercy French."
F03/22 Leaflet Through Erin's Isle Advertising Through Erin's Isle, c.1901 "As given at Steinway Hall, and before HRH the Prince of Wales'" with biographical particulars on reverse.
F03/23 Leaflet 1902 Show Advertising items from the 1902 show with press notices on the reverse.
F03/24 Leaflet 1902 Recital (17th Jan) Advertising the show of 17th January 1902, with The Next Landing of the French!/Oh! The French is on the Say, etc.
F03/25 Leaflet 1902 Recital (17th Jan) Advertising leaflet, with photo, for the Recital, Antient Concert Rooms, Dublin. "As given before His Majesty the King, and TRH the Prince and Princess of Wales". On reverse, French's declaration to his audience. "My views of Ireland and its inhabitants are most convincingÉ.I am opposed to Compulsory Education, as I believe several people know more than I do as it is."
F03/26 Review Sunday Times Review of matinee at Queen's Gate Hall, June 1902. "Mr Percy French amused everybody with his story of The Lion Who Wouldn't Eat Parsley."
F03/27 Programme page Solo Recital A page torn from programme, French solo recital. "Illustrated throughout with Rapid Sketches in Charcoal and Coloured Chalk." Includes A New School of Art - showing how Illustrators can supply the Editors' outrageous demands for Summer landscapes in Winter, and Spring effects in Autumn. [See Arthur Killingley's description on p76 of "A Picture of Percy French".] On reverse, a photograph of a smoke picture of King's Road, Chelsea.
F03/28 Leaflet Artistic Recitals Advertising show at The Mall House, Youghal, 25th August 1902, with photo. Biographical details on reverse.
F03/29 Page 402 Mainly About People magazine Edition week ending 18th October 1902. Article on French "Éartist, journalist, raconteur, writer of numberless songs and droll storiesÉ."
F03/29A Review Mainly About People magazine Review, donated by Michael St.G.Irwin, (Gt.Nephew of French).
F03/30 Programme Steinway Hall show Programme, with photos, of Percy French and Harrison Hill, for show at Steinway Hall, Saturdays 6th and 13th December 1902. Includes A Kerry Court-house, presumably referring to the West Clare Railway case of 1897.
F03/31 Leaflet Mr Percy French's Entertainments Advertising Mr Percy French's Entertainments, c.1903, with quotes from letters from satisfied headmasters from the public schools. "...irresistibly funny..remarkable for its originality...refinement..the boys applauded to the echoÉa real find".
F03/32 Programme Freemantle Hall show Freemantle Hall, Bexley, 26th June 1903. "Mr Percy French will again appear (provided the members of the audience have not massacred him after his first 'turn') and will narrate his Experiences at a Children's Party..After restoratives have been applied Mr Percy French will again insult the intelligence of the audience with 'The Art of the Small Boy'."
F03/33 Programme Mr Percy French's Recitals Programme with photos, of performance at Antient Concert Rooms, 22nd and 23rd November 1904. "Assisted by the well-known London Entertainer Mr Ernest Denny."  Includes bogus comments from world figures, and press reviews on reverse.
F03/34 Programme Mr Percy French's Recitals Ditto, another copy.
F03/35 Programme Mr Percy French's Recitals Ditto, another copy.
F03/36 Photocopy page Irish Society and Social Review A photocopied page, 3rd December 1904, with review of the recital at Antient Concert Rooms, November 1904, see F03/33. Good description of upside-down drawings.  "...a scene representing an American forest with a rosy sunsetÉhe..turned it deftly on its side, when immediately the line of fir trees assumed the appearance of Venetian buildings...."
F03/36A Photocopy page Irish Society and Social Review Another photocopied page from same. Good account of French's improvement in performance and the benefits arising from his move to London.  "The banjo is more skilfully manipulated..songs are more varied and wittier..the better producedÉIf Mr French had never gone to London he had never learned a tithe of what he now knows."
F03/37 Programme Prince's Theatre Programme of an un-named musical comedy at Prince's Theatre, Manchester, 1905. Music by JA Robertson, book by Frank Barrett, lyrics by French.
F03/38 Telegraph message French to Family Post Office Telegraph message from Manchester, 15th June 1905, to 48 Springfield Road. "Great success Jack Moll Dick fine Barrett absent so posed as author back about six."
F03/39 Review Manchester Courier Review of show at Prince's Theatre, Manchester, 1905, F03/37 above.
F03/40 Programme Mr Percy French's Recitals Programme for show at Antient Concert Rooms, 9th and 10th November 1905.  Includes French's own written Press Notices.  "Mr French begs to announce the commencement of a Series of Farewell Recitals, which he hopes will continue till the end of the Century".  Press quotes on reverse.
F03/41 Article Evening News Article on the writing of Noah's Ark. Includes long quote from French, "After seeing The Tempest or Beauty and the Barge or some such play the thought occurred to me how much better the nautical drama might be written if entrusted to really capable hands...some well-known mariner, whose name is a household word, as celebrated in the nursery as on the high seas..the telephone has played a conspicuous part in the genesis of Noah's Ark, and many a time hae I been summoned to the instrument and listened while Dr Collisson buzzed or whistled some inspiration for song or duet in my ear..Excuse me - the telephone - Hello! Who's that? - Oh, they want to alter your moonlight serenade into a duet for two Hedgehogs.  All right.  I'll post it to-night!"
F03/42 Article Daily Chronicle Article on French, 20th December 1905.
F03/43 Press Cutting Black and White Cutting, 16th December 1905, with photo of Collison.
F03/44 Programme Noah's Ark Programme for performance at Waldorf Theatre.
F03/45 Page Black and White Page from Black and White, 6th January 1906, with drawing of Arrival of the Christmas Fairies, Noah's Ark.
F03/46 Page Noah's Ark Page from magazine, with drawing by W Russell Flint, of scene from Noah's Ark.  "This year marks an extraordinary development in the refinement of the pantomimes, which are approximating more and more to the fairy play."
F03/47 Page Noah's Ark Page from a magazine, photo of Noah's Ark rehearsals, fairies in mufti.
F03/48 Photograph Noah's Ark Photo from magazine of fairies in Noah's Ark.
F03/49 Card Noah's Ark Advert for Noah's Ark.  On reverse, in French's hand "I am getting 1700 circulars delivered by hand in envelopes for nothing.  The addressing & envelopes will cost £1.10. But that is cheaper by a long way than postageÉ"
F03/50 Review The Times Noah's Ark.
F03/51 Review The Standard Noah's Ark, "It is good enough, in fact, to be a great deal better than it at present is."
F03/52 Review The Illustrated London News Noah's Ark.
F03/53 Review The Tatler Noah's Ark, "Some wag has suggested that nothing came out of the ark except the jokes."
F03/54 Review The Sketch Noah's Ark, "The music has been recommended for the fact that one of the composers, Mr Houston Collisson, is a clergyman."
F03/55 Leaflet French & Collisson Recital Advertising leaflet for French & Collisson recital in Chelsea, 15th February 1906.
F03/56 Programme French & Collisson Recital Programme including Aut Chelsea Aut Nullus, Henry VIII, his method of house hunting, Whistler, his method of painting a nocturne in gold and silver, The Song of the LCC King. On reverse, in French's hand 'Chelsea, Feb 15, '06.'
F03/57 Programme Humour and Art At Steinway Hall, 2nd May 1906.  Includes The Brief Career of the Beauty of Ballyporeen.
F03/58 Leaflet French & Collisson Recital Press opinions of Recital.
F03/59 Programme The Rival Magicians Performance 19th April 1907. Privately printed programme for this children's show, written for Ettie, Mollie and their friends. "Mr Percy French's wardrobe by the Jumble Sale Dress Exchange."
F03/60 Preview The Scotsman Preview of the lecture season, including "Why don't we all draw?"
F03/61 Page The North London Illustrated Photo of French and account of his life, edition 6th February 1908. One sentence altered in ink to read "As early as 1883 he was exhibiting water colours in the Dublin Academy."
F03/62 Programme Mr Percy French At Home Steinway Hall, 7th May 1908. "New Costume, New Chalk, New Paper."  Includes "...a few early entertainers of the House of French." (Salome French, Columbus French, Guy Fawkes French, etc.)
F03/63 Programme Mr Percy French At Home Ditto, another copy.
x03/64 Photocopy  North Down Spectator Article from Bangor press of an account of a concert at Dufferin Hall, August 1908.
F03/65 Advert Humour and Art Advert for the show, 1909.  Includes press quotes, six specimen programmes, etc.
F03/66 Programme Humours of Art and Music Steinway Hall, December 1909. Includes The Painter and the Pianist printed complete.  Includes Percy French, an appreciation, "He dresses quietly, with, however, a marked predilection for cheques."  This leaflet is as much advert as programme.  
F03/66A Programme Humours of Art and Music Ditto, a copy.
F03/67 Programme  French & Collisson Steinway Hall, 1910, includes A Grand Historical Pageant.  On reverse, "Roley Poley pudding and pie - how the above would be re-written by R-dy-d K-pl-ng."
F03/68 Programme page  French & Collisson Front page of programme, Steinway Hall, April 1910.
F03/69 Programme pages French & Collisson Inside pages of above. Includes The Hoodoo.
F03/70 Article Irish Society and Social Review Page with photo and account of French, in Dublin at Abbey Theatre, 2nd April 1910. "Éhis latest success, The Cross Roads at Kilkeel, he draws in time to music!É"
F03/71 Review The Daily Telegraph Review of French & Collisson, 15th April 1910.
F03/72 Review The Globe Review of French & Collisson, 23rd April 1910.
F03/73 Programme Globe Theatre  Mr Percy French, the Art Humourist, preceeded the play The Parasites, at the Globe Theatre in 1910.
F03/74 Programme page Solo Recital Page showing photo of smoke picture, Connemara 1909.
F03/75 Programme French & Collisson Matinees in Steinway Hall, May 1911. Includes In the Tropics, Flanagan's Flying Machine, etc. "All Dr Collisson's share in the profits of these Recitals is given to charity, and he will not appear in public after this year."
F03/76 Review The Times Review of French & Collisson matinees, 16th May 1911.  "Édraws five pictures, one on top of the otherÉQuebec, the Statue of Liberty..Falls of Niagara."
F03/77 Review The Daily Telegraph Review of French & Collisson matinees, 16th May 1911. "Éthe new game of Double Squiggles."
F03/78 Review The Morning Post Review of French & Collisson matinees, 16th May 1911.  "ÉMr French transforms a chalk drawing of an Irish sunrise into a full-length portrait of a girl."
F03/79 Leaflet Solo Recital Advertises Recital at Kingstown, 8th August 1911. Includes press notices from America and Canada.
F03/80 Review The Irish Independent Review of two new French songs, Mick's Hotel, and The Emigrant's Letter.
x03/81 Press Cutting Solo Recital Photocopy from a Bangor newspaper re. recital in Dufferin Hall, August 1912.
F03/82 Preview A Frog He Would A-Wooing Go Evening Standard and St James's Gazette, 9th August 1912.
F03/83 Playbill A Frog He Would Miniature playbill advertising A Frog He Would, 12th August 1912.
F03/84 Programme A Frog He Would Chelsea Palace. A Frog He Would, item 12 on variety programme of 14th August 1912.  Three copies.
F03/85 Programme New Irish Recital Abbey Theatre, Dublin, April 1913.
F03/85A Programme New Irish Recital Photocopy of programme above show, donated by Michael St.G.Irwin (Gt.Nephew of French).
F03/86 Programme Percy French & Sterndale Bennet Matinees At Steinway Hall, April/May 1913. Programme with photos.  Two copies.
F03/87 Programme Humour and Art Specimen programme, c.1914.  Includes How to become a popular vocalist (with Songs to the Guitar), How to write a Musical Comedy, An Illustrated Song, Alice where art thou, showing where she is!  On reverse, smoke picture and press notices.
F03/88 Programme In Dublin and Out of it The Rotunda, February 1915. Mr Percy French and Miss Florence Marks.  Includes In Dublin, and Irish Lights and Shadows.
F03/89 Review Evening Telegraph Review of French and Marks at Gresham Hotel, charity concert.
F03/90 Ticket An Entertainment by Mr Percy French A show in aid of Funds for Cavan Regiment of UVF, at Bailieborough, 2nd June 1914.
F03/91 Programme page Song and Art Recital Photocopy of front page, Cork 5th October 1914.
F03/91A Programme page Song and Art Recital Photocopy page, includes "Introducing my latest song, Luke the Looney."
F03/92 Press Cutting The Down Recorder Cutting 22nd May 1915, review of French at Downpatrick. "ÉMichael O'RyanÉCarmody's mareÉAll by the Baltic Sea...synopsis of the Great War.  This song is published by Messrs Pigott, of Dublin, but purchasers are warned that Mr French adds verses almost every day."
F03/93 Leaflet How Dublin Does It  Advertising How Dublin Does It, 21st February 1916, Kingstown. "Written by Percy French, and pushed over the footlights by Miss Sheila O'Sullivan, Mr Brendan Stewert, Miss Ettie French and Miss Betty Duncan." A list of songs published by Pigott includes Mulcahy's Coat of Arms.
F03/93A Leaflet How Dublin Does It Similar to F03/93, but performance at Blackrock, 23rd February 1916.
F03/94 Review Irish Times How Dublin Does It, 24th January 1916.
F03/95 Programme How Dublin Does It Performance at Oakland, 10th February 1916. Includes scene from How Dublin Does It, Russian Dance (Betty Duncan and Etty French [sic]), and A Pantomime Burlesque (Miss Marjorie Elvery, Miss Haggie Campbell, Miss Betty Duncan, Mr Charles Atkinson).  See F02/42-46.
F03/96 Programme What Next! A revue for Three Ladies and Two Disqualified Gentlemen. 1916. Includes synopsis.  Three copies.
F03/97 Leaflet Song and Art Recital Advertising recital, c.1916. Part of an Irish Tour.  Includes "Interval, during which the Performer will be sentenced to Five Minutes hard labour."
F03/98 Press Cutting The Daily Mirror 12th July 1916, with photo of French. "Mr Percy FrenchÉhis first appearance on the variety stage this weekÉat the Putney Hippodrome."
F03/99 Press Cutting Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News Cutting with photo, scene from The Kerry Coortin', at the Kingsway Theatre. Includes Stanley Holloway and Patricia Burke. Autumn 1916 or 1917.
F03/100 Programme Percy French & Dr Collisson Show in aid of the special war fund of the Royal Surgical Aid Society, c.1918. Includes silhouettes. "A short interval during which Percy French will paint a smoke picture."
F03/101 Review The Daily Telegraph Review of Humours of Art and Music at Steinway Hall, 9th January 1919.
F03/102 Programme proof Final Entertainment Proof copy of programme, Palette Club, Glasgow. The items chosen for what turned out to be French's final entertainment were: In the Tropics, A Chalk Chuckle, A Lapse into Literature, The Hoodoo, illustrated, In Quest of the Quiet (duet), That Children's Party, The Letter from the Front. Plus a coloured upside-down drawing.  On the proof are instructions to French from the promoter.
x03/103 Poster New Recital A publicity poster of French and Miss May Laffan, their New Recital, Great Northern Tea Room, Bundoran, 13th and 14th August, 1916? Donated by Miss Molly Greeves.
F03/103A Programme New Recital Photocopy of programme for New Recital featuring French and Miss May Laffan at the Lyric Hall, Dublin on 17th, 18th and 19th April 1917.  Donated by Michael St.G.Irwin (Gt.Nephew of French).
F03/103B Programme New Recital Photocopy of programme for New Recital featuring French and Miss May Laffan at the Molesworth Hall Dublin, 3rd, 4th and 5th April 1918.  Donated by Michael St.G.Irwin (Gt.Nephew of French).
F03/104 Poster How Dublin Does It A publicity poster for the Town Hall, Blackrock, 23rd February 1916.
F03/105 Programme Humours of Art and Music Photocopy of programme, "A Few Selections fromÉ"
F03/106 Programme Solo Recital Sheet of six specimen programmes for Percy French Entertainment
x03/107 Programme Electro-Harmonic Society Season 1909 - 1910, at The Holborn Restaurant, 7th January 1910, Art Humourist: Mr Percy French, amongst other artistes. Donated by Mr Peter McGoldrick.
F03/108 Review Irish Times Photocopy review of recital at Antient Concert Rooms, Feb.1903, donated by Michael St.G.Irwin (Gt.Nephew of French).
F03/109 Programme Irish Lights and Shadows Photocopy programme for Irish Lights and Shadows show in aid of the British Red Cross Society at St Matthew's Parochial Hall, Irishtown Road, Dublin, featuring French and Miss Betty Duncan. Date changed from Friday 10th December 1915 to 6th March 1916. Donated by Michael St.G.Irwin (Gt.Nephew of French).