BOX 2 - PHOTOGRAPHS:  Post-1900
Ref No. Category Title Description
F02/01 Photograph French, with top hat French, with top hat. "I've a feeling his tongue was in his cheek when they took that" (Joan French).  Photo by Russell & Sons, 17 Baker Street, London, and 13 High Street, Windsor.  c.1900  On reverse, "Photographers by appointment to HM The Queen╔". 
F02/02 Photo print French, head and shoulders Similar to F02/01, cut out of a printed document.
F02/03 Photograph 21 Clifton Hill 21 Clifton Hill - the right-hand half of the near house. French lived here from 1900 to 1905, and The Mountains of Mourne was written here. See first edition of the song in F22/45. No. 27 (see F02/17) where he lived from 1910 onwards, now replaced, is on the right.
F02/04 Photograph 21 Clifton Hill 21 Clifton Hill, photo by WC Mill, 72 First Avenue, Queen's Park, London. On reverse, "21 Clifton Hill, 1st house 1900-5."
F02/05 Postcard Profile of French Profile of French, against one of his paintings. Photo by Ernest H Mills.  This is a postcard: the original is in F21/12.  c.1902  On reverse, "Post Card. This space may be used for communication╔."  
F02/06 Postcard French, seated A postcard of French, seated.  Photo by EW Mills.  Title on front "Mr Percy French".  c. 1902  On reverse, "The JB & Co series".
F02/07 Photograph Mollie, Ettie, Joan, Lennie Mollie, Ettie, Joan, Lennie. c. 1902  Photo by Lyd Sawyer, 153 Maida Vale, London.  On reverse, "My mother (2nd wife) & daughters'"(E).   
F02/08 Postcard Houston Collisson Signed postcard of Houston Collisson. Photo by EW Mills. Title, "Rev Dr Houston Collisson". Signed "Houston Collisson" c. 1902.   On reverse, "J.Beagles & Co, London EC".
x02/09 Photograph French at Signpost French by signpost Cork and Queenstown. This is a copy of an original borrowed from Clare French, entitled 'An Irish Immigrant'. (French turned his hat inside out and acted the part.)  c.1905.
F02/10 Photo print French, painting A printed photo from a magazine of French painting in the studio. Title: "Painting with a shaving-brush: Mr Percy French, author of Noah's Ark, at work on a seascape."  Photo by Ernest H Mills, c.1906. Original and one larger copy.
F02/11 Photograph The Rival Magicians The cast posing outside the drawing room of 33 Clifton Hill. Hilda Marsh, French, Hill Rowan, Mollie, Ettie. In front: Norah Muriel, Enid Brown. See programme F03/59. Apr. 1907. On reverse: "Cast of The Rival Magicians written for his children & their school friends.  PF in pirate's hat." 
F02/12 Photograph French in The Rival Magicians French in The Rival Magicians, April 1907.  See programme F03/59.
F02/13 Copy photo French with banjo French with banjo, copy of reproduction in Chronicles of Percy French.
F02/14 Photograph 48 Springfield Road On reverse, "1905-10. 48 Springfield Rd. 2nd home.'"(E)
F02/15 Photograph French, seated French, seated. Original photograph of F02/06 (postcard). Signed Ernest H Mills, mounted with protective cover: "Ernest H Mills, At-Home-Photographer, 6 Stanley Gardens, Hampstead, NW. Telephone No 1652. P.O.Hampstead".
F02/16 Photograph French Studio portrait of French by AH Boole & Co, Waterford.  c.1910. 
x02/16A Copy photo French A retouched version of F02/16, and one larger copy, printed other way round.  See also x21/17 for another copy.
F02/17 Photograph 27 Clifton Hill On reverse, "27 Clifton Hill. 3rd London home. 1910-20" (E).
F02/18 Photograph French French, full length, in lightweight suit.  Photo by Ernest H Mills.
F02/19 Photograph French Ditto, signed "Ernest H Mills". On reverse, "Off to the West Indies." c.1910. Similar protective cover to F02/15.
F02/20 Cartoon photo French & Collisson Title: "Percy French, art humourist. Dr Houston Collisson, musical humourist". Signed in the photo "Ernest H Mills 1910".
F02/21 Publicity Card Houston Collisson Half of publicity card, with photo and title 'Houston Collisson', c.1910.
F02/22 Postcard Houston Collisson Postcard, with title "Rev Dr Collisson". In full regalia. Photo by Wm Haine, Teddington. On reverse, "Joan" (HC's handwriting).
F02/23 Photograph Houston Collisson Portrait by Ernest H Mills, signed.  On reverse, "My only copy", and initials.
F02/24 Postcard Houston Collisson Photo of Collisson by Wm Haine, Teddington. On reverse, "Mrs French", (HC's handwriting).
F02/25 Photograph Mollie, Ettie, Lennie, Joan Mollie, Ettie, Lennie, Joan, and Gyp is the dog. Photo taken by Ernest H Mills, and signed, while French was in North America, and sent to him for Christmas 1910.  
x02/25A Copy photo Mollie, Ettie, Lennie, Joan A touched-up version of F02/25.
F02/26 Photograph Joan, painting Joan, painting. Photo taken by Ernest H Mills at the same session as F02/25. 1910.
F02/27 Photograph French & Lennie on Sidecar French with Lennie on a side-car in Ireland, c.1912. On reverse, "Helen".  
F02/28 Photo print French A portion of notepaper, with photo of French, signed "Percy French" in the photo. Part address "47 W╔", possibly some agency? On reverse, in handwriting, "╔LouthWest Indies╔sketches╔".
F02/29 Photograph French, seated  French seated outside Royal School, Armagh. On reverse, "WP French Esq taken by H Duncan at Royal School Armagh October 19th 1912".
F02/30 Photograph French, at doorway French, standing outside a door. E: "No 9 means nothing."
F02/31 Postcard Collisson Silhouette card of Collisson by Hubert Leslie. On reverse, "117 Staines Rd, Twickenham, Middlesex. Phone 1110 Richmond. Christmas 1913".  Printed: "This is a funny little picture of myself, by Mr Hubert Leslie.  I thought you might like to have it.  Think of me in your Christmas Communion.  May God bless you and give you a Merry Xmas! WAH Collisson."
F02/32 Photograph French in Turban French wearing a turban and his own green dressing gown. On reverse, "At the St John's Wood Arts Ball 1914."
F02/33 Photograph French in Turban A full-length portrait of French at St John's Wood Arts Ball, 1914.
F02/34 Photograph French with banjo French, seated with banjo, in the hall at Cloonyquin, c.1912-1914. E: "Before 1914, as the family moved to Bray."
x02/35 Copy photo French Copy of an original portrait of French, c.1914, borrowed from Clare French. Joan: "A very good one."
F02/36 Photograph French, smiling French, smiling.
F02/37 Photograph French, as The Ballad Singer French as The Ballad Singer, c.1915.  Photo by Lafayette, Dublin. (They have no archives.)
x02/38 Copy photo Group with French Copy of an original photo owned by Maeve Kenny, showing French with banjo, Maeve, Arthur. Back row: Christina and Daphne. Arthur was French's brother, and father of Maeve and Daphne. Christina was French's sister. At Cloonyquin, c.1915.  No negative.
F02/39 Postcard Harrison Hill Postcard of Harrison Hill, signed "Yours faithfully, Harrison Hill" . Title: "Mr Harrison Hill as 'Joe'." Photo by Ernest H Mills. On reverse, "Kilburn Oct 7 04." Address: "Mrs Percy French, 21 Clifton Hill, Abbey Road, NW." Message: "Mr Arthur Wade's address is 143 Princess St, West End, Edinburgh. Harrison Hill."
F02/40 Photograph French and Betty Duncan French with Betty Duncan in The Letter to the Front, 1915. E: "Betty Duncan was his first partner - she was a very good actress, a bit highbrow. She was with the Abbey Theatre for a bit - her brother was Yeats' secretary. Ettie, Mollie and Betty were known as 'The Dauntless Three'." On reverse, "Betty Duncan, childhood companion of Ettie & Joan."
F02/41 Photograph French in Carmody's Mare French in Carmody's Mare, c.1916.  On reverse, "In Carmody's Mare."  Photo by Elliott & Fry, 55 Baker St, London, W.  With protective cover.
F02/42 Photograph  Cast of Hamlet in How Dublin does it The cast of Hamlet in How Dublin does it, c.1916. Includes French, Haggie Campbell, Marjorie Elvery and Betty Duncan.  Marked "Rough Proof".
F02/43 Photograph Cast of The Gloom in How Dublin does it Cast of The Gloom, in How Dublin does it, c.1916. French with Betty Duncan, Haggie Campbell, Marjorie Elvery.   Joan:  "The Gloom was a Russian tragedy, all came in bemoaning something, and all went out to die in the snow together."  They went out singing to the tune of The Volga Boatmen.  Script is in F08/08.  There is a clearer print of this photo.
F02/44 Photograph Cast of How Dublin does it Cast of How Dublin does it, c.1916. Haggie Campbell is on right. Marked "Rough Proof".
F02/45 Photograph Marjorie Elvery Marjorie Elvery in How Dublin does it, marked " Rough Proof".
F02/45A Photograph French (Looks Like) French in How Dublin does it, marked "Rough Proof".
F02/46 Photograph Haggie Campbell Haggie Campbell in How Dublin does it.  She did a recitation as a small child.
F02/47 Photograph French, painting French, painting in the studio, c.1917. He is painting Glenveagh Castle.
F02/48 Photograph French and Florence Marks French with Florence Marks as Mickey the Screech and Biddy the Blackbird, in Michael O'Ryan gets the old age pension. This photo is when it was first introduced, after Betty was married, so c.1917-18. See Chronicles, page 154.
F02/49 Photograph French French standing with canvas and easel, in woodland scene, c.1917.
F02/50 Photograph French and May Laffan May Laffan and French, 'The Artist and the Colleen', c.1917, see Chronicles, page 187.
F02/51 Photograph French and May Laffan French and May Laffan, 'The Artist and the Colleen', c.1917.
x02/51A Copy photo French and May Laffan A very good print of F02/51.
F02/52 Photograph French and May Laffan French and May Laffan, 'The Artist and the Colleen'.
F02/53 Photograph French and May Laffan French and May Laffan, 'The Artist and the Colleen', a touched-up photo.
x02/54 Copy photo French Copy photo of French from a song copy, c.1915.
F02/55 Photograph May Laffan, with banjo May Laffan, with banjo, c.1917.  E:  "She only came into the picture in the last 2 or 3 years of his life." 
F02/56 Photograph French, painting at a table French, painting at a table, c.1916. E: "Not a house he ever lived in." Mounted on card. On reverse, "In the Donegal Highlands (including Rosapenna and Port Salon). Mr Percy French has the honour to invite ╔. and Friends to the Private View of his Water-colour Drawings of Ireland, The West Indies, and elsewhere. Wednesday, 29th November, Modern Gallery, 61, New Bond St, W. Edward Freeman, Lessee and Secretary. 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.  Available until December 12."  
F02/57 Photograph French, standing at sundial French, standing at sundial, Southwold, Suffolk, c.1918. E: "Miss Soutter, who lived in St John's Wood, had this country house.  She did a bit of sketching herself." 
x02/58 Copy photo French, at Cloonyquin French, painting outside at Cloonyquin, c.1919. A copy of a photo owned by Maeve Kenny.  Was this the trip that inspired the verse "An hour at Cloonyquin?"  "Sixty years ago ╔"
x02/59 Transparency French A transparency of a chalk drawing of French by Sheila Coffey, c.1919, from Dolphin Barn, Monks Eleigh.  Drawing No. 92 in Paintings List.
F02/60 Photograph French, with banjo French, with banjo. Could this be in Formby?  c.1919-20.
F02/61 Photo print French, with banjo Another print of F02/60.  Joan: "The larger banjo is a later one." 
F02/62 Photograph French, with May Laffan, and banjos French with May Laffan and banjos. Could this be in Formby? Joan: "May Laffan was a solo banjoist, eg The dark town dandies, and was a very charming person, full of fun."  There is a better print of this, bringing out more detail.  
F02/63 Photograph A group from The Mikado A group from The Mikado. Ettie and Joan don't think this is French, but AT is not so sure. The Mikado came out in 1885, during his Cavan period, where he met Ethel.  Could this be her, next but one to French?  Might it be a fancy dress party?  This original photograph is very small and very sepia.
F02/64 Photograph Mollie French Mollie French, c.1920s. E: "She played for country dancing at Harrods; the thing that got them off their feet was Oklahoma Rose." 
F02/65 Photograph Cloonyquin, mid 20th century Cloonyquin, mid 20th century, ready for festival.
F02/65A Photograph Cloonyquin, mid 20th century Ditto.
F02/66 Photograph Cloonyquin, mid 20th century Ditto, similar to F02/65. On reverse "Barry Mason Photography, 31 Balbriggan Street, Skerries, Co Dublin".
F02/67 Photograph Cloonyquin, mid 20th century Ditto, similar to F02/65, but a closer view.
F02/68 Photograph Cloonyquin, mid 20th century Ditto, similar to F02/65, with marquee.
x02/69 Photograph Paddy Reilly Photograph of Paddy Reilly, supposedly. On reverse, "This is a real picture of the late Mr Paddy Reilly of Ballyjamesduff. He was the man that inspired Mr French to write the immortal song. He was born in 1851, worked in Scotland for 15 years. He died at home in August 1934. As an humble horse-cab-driver to Mr French ... employed at the White Horse Inn, his name became a world famous legend in his own lifetime. This photo was kindly presented to Benny Phelim Brady by Paddy Reilly's daughter, Mrs P. Quinn." Also on reverse, newspaper photo of Percy French stuck on.  Also one 8" x 6" copy.   See also Framed Item No. 106.
F02/70 Photograph Ettie French as a child An envelope containing photo of little girl sitting on the beach. On front of envelope is written "Bunching in the Wabes" and "Ettie French as a child circa 1900?"
F02/71 Photograph Cloonyquin Cloonyquin, by Anytone Limited, Hugill, Kendal.
F02/72 Photograph Lennie, Ettie and Mollie Posed photo of Lennie, Ettie and Mollie.
F02/73 Photograph Ettie French Two small photos of Ettie, "Dress Allowance", one full length front and one full length side, c.1920s, with note "See 'Willie' by Ettie French".
x02/74 Photograph Mollie French Mollie French, second daughter.  
NB: To save wear and tear on these original photographs, there are two sets of copy photos: one set of 8" x 6", and one set of 10" x 8" with two prints of each.  There are two sets of negatives: 5" x 4" and 35mm.  Stored on shelf in PF Society Room.