BOX 1 - PHOTOGRAPHS:  Pre-1900
Ref No. Category Title Description
F01/01 Photograph Christopher French French's father, (E: "grandfather French").
F01/02 Photograph Susan French French's mother, (E: "grandmother French").
F01/03 Photograph Christopher French French's father, (E: "father"), On reverse "Uncle Christopher", and "The Imperial French Photographic Company, 352 Strand.  Daguerrotypes copied and restored."
F01/04 Plate/lantern slide Christopher French AT believes this is a later photo of French's father.
F01/05 Photograph JB Richardson with French Photo by J Galway of 21 Fermanagh Street, Clones, therefore probably NOT taken at Trinity College Dublin as often quoted. Johnny Richardson was French's cousin, was at TCD with him, later became godfather to Ettie and was Canon at Formby when French died in 1920.  Also larger copy on Kodak paper.
F01/06 Photograph French as 'Sambo' French as 'Sambo' in The Kinniepottle Komics, c.1883. Photo by Wynne of Castlebar. In 1978, Ita Wynne, of Des.Wynne, 7 Main Street, Castlebar, wrote, "We have a large collection of very old photos, but as far as I know none of Percy FrenchÉour shop, which was established in 1864, has done the bookings for all types of shows down through the years, including Percy French."
F01/07 Photograph French as 'Sambo' Similar to F01/06 above, but with banjo over shoulder.  Wynne.
F01/08 Photograph French E: "mid-80s".
F01/09 Photograph Charles Manners & Fanny Moody Photo by Warwick Brookes, 350 Oxford Road, Manchester. Signed, "yrs affectionately Fanny Moody Manners."  Note the bicycle: "A bicycle built for two?"  
F01/10 Photograph French reading White Lines magazine French reading his magazine, White Lines, published in 1885.  On reverse of mount, "Sunday Morning August 21, 1887".  A copy of this has brought out more detail.    Original and one larger copy.
F01/11 Photograph Cast of A Simple Sweep Cast of A Simple Sweep: Dr and Mrs Mease (at one of their tennis parties French met his future wife Ethel), French, Mary Kennedy (who gave the photos to Ettie, (E: "pretty Mary Kennedy...Daddy had a flirtation with her once"), Mrs W Smith and another. See the souvenir programme F03/02, and the review from Cavan Weekly News, 03/03, March 1887.
F01/11A Photograph Cast of A Simple Sweep copy of F01/11, bringing out more detail.  No negative.
F01/12 Photograph Cast of A Simple Sweep Same group, different pose, as in F01/11. These photos are taken at the Protestant Hall, Cavan.  On reverse, "A Simple Sweep, Cavan".
F01/12A Photograph Cast of A Simple Sweep Copy of F01/12, bringing out slightly more detail.  No negative.
F01/13 Photograph Case of A Simple Sweep Another group from A Simple Sweep: Mrs W Smith, Miss Mary Kennedy, Dr Mease, and in the background an unidentified actor or actress.
F01/14 Photograph French French at a tennis party. E: "In Cavan." Needs further identification: could this be Dr Mease on extreme left? Or is this at the Armitage Moores' house (Arnmore, now the golf club outside Cavan)? Original and one copy.
F01/15 Photograph Ethel Armitage Moore Ethel, possibly before her marriage to French, c.1888.  E: "might be Ettie".
F01/16 Photograph Ethel Armitage Moore Ethel, possibly at the time of her marriage to French, E: "Ettie".  On reverse: "I believe, Ettie Armitage Moore."(E).  Photo by Chancellor, 55 Lower Sackville Street, Dublin.  Patronized by TRH the Prince and Princess of Wales, HRH Prince Arthur, HRH The Duke of Cambridge, HSH Prince of Teck, TRH Prince Albert Victor & Prince George of Wales, TSH Prince and Princess Edward of Saxe Weimar, The Duke & Duchess of Abercorn, The Governor General of India, Lord Lieut of Ireland & His Grace The Duke of Leinster.
F01/17 Photograph Alice Linde  Alice Linde as Molly Skelter in The Knight of the Road.  See Programme F03/04.  Photo by Robinson, 65 Grafton Street, Dublin.  On reverse, number of negative 5388.  (Fragile - Photo is coming away from Mount.)
F01/18 Photograph French as Jack Freeny French as Jack Freeny in The Knight of the Road. Photo by Robinson. On reverse, No 5377. Name: Mr WP French. (Apr 1891).
F01/19 Photograph French as Jack Freeny French as Jack Freeny in The Knight of the Road.  Photo by Robinson.   On reverse, number of negative 5377.  Is this Freeny in disguise?
F01/20 Photograph Brendan Stewert? Possibly Brendan Stewert? Possibly Strongbow?  Photo by Robinson.  On reverse number of negative 5882.
F01/21 Photograph Ethel Ethel in 1891 or earlier? Photo by Chancellor, Dublin.  On reverse a smaller list of patrons (see F01/16) suggests an earlier date, though the mounts are different sizes and the photographer could be using up old stock. 
F01/22 Photograph French French, posed. E: "when he became an entertainer", c.1893? Photo by Williams R Kennan, 41 Grafton Street, Dublin.  Signed on front, "Rough Copy, WR Kennan".  On reverse: 10274.
F01/23 Photograph French and Lennie French and his second wife, Helen (Lennie) Sheldon. On reverse: "the Studio Flat in Dawson St. My mother's first 'married quarters' "(E).  Photo by William R Kennan, 41 Grafton Street, Dublin. 
F01/24 Photograph French and Baby Ettie French with Ettie as a baby, 1895.  Photo by Williams R Kennan, 41 Grafton Street, Dublin.  A copy brings out slightly more detail.  
F01/25 Photograph Mrs French, Mollie, Ettie and French Mrs French, Mollie, Ettie and French in the back garden of 35 Mespil Road, Dublin, 1896. Rex, the dog, belonged to Mrs French (Lennie).  The bars over the window are still there in 1990.
F01/26 Lantern Slide Hand-tinted portion of F01/25, made into a lantern slide, also a postcard-sized copy and two modern projector slides.
F01/27 Photograph Mrs McDonald, Ettie, Lennie and Mollie Mrs McDonald (the nanny), Ettie, Lennie and Mollie, in the back garden of 35 Mespil Road, 1896.
F01/28 Photograph Lennie, French and Alice Linde Photo, in gilt frame, of The Quick-Change Company. Lennie, French and Alice Linde (in conical hat).  This photo is reversed (notice the buttoning of the coats).  See Programme F03/19, "Mr French's latest successÉ'" This photograph and the following set were originally framed in passe-partout (F01/33).
F01/29 Photograph French French as one of his Quick-Change characters, in gilt frame.
F01/30 Photograph French French as one of his Quick-Change characters, in gilt frame, playing the banjo. This photograph is reversed.
F01/31 Photograph French French as one of his Quick-Change characters, in gilt frame.
F01/32 Photograph French French as one of his Quick-Change characters, a Metropolitan Policeman, in gilt frame.
F01/33 Photograph frame Four original photograph frames, in very bad condition.
x01/34 Photograph album Watercolour Collection The Percy French Collection: Photographic Record, Phases I, II and III. Archbishop Marsh's Library and The Delmas Conservation Bindery. Photograph album recording the watercolour collection, before and after conservative restoration.  Stored on Shelf.
x01/35 Copy photos Photographs To save wear and tear on original photographs there are two sets of copies, one set of 8" x 6", and one set of 10" x 8", with two prints of each.  Stored on Shelf.
x01/36 Negatives Box of negatives, re copy photos above, two sets, 5" x 4" and 35mm.  Stored on Shelf.
x01/37 1991 Catalogue Notes, photos, etc. A box marked "Original of 1991 Catalogue, superceded by 2006 Catalogue", with original typescript of 1991 issue, and photos.  (AT)  Stored on Shelf.